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Context: For over six years, ALL YOURS has been the preferred partner for Volvo Car Belux to activate existing, new and old customers in order to increase the sales of specific products and services. Every year, we draw up an activation plan in which we establish the KPIs, target groups and special offers.

Our work: Volvo Car Belux has three different series of cars: a 40, 60 and 90 series. We draft several direct mailings and e-mailings according to the line for each target group. This means we compose three different mailings, each in three languages. For the dealers, we combine all three versions in a single mailing to make it easier for them to use the brochure in a sales pitch. We also create posters for dealers to use in their showrooms, POS material and digital signage. Concerning the digital signage, we create videos with general information to draw attention to the importance of the products. In these videos, the key communication goal is to inform rather than to sell. The videos conclude with a reference to other communication tools. (ALL YOURS is the administrator of these channels. We provide support and maintain the content.)

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