Familiehulp | Corporate Branding

Context: Familiehulp is market leader in the sector of care, support and domestic help. Their context and market changed rapidly after various competitors and challengers entered the market. Familiehulp requested a new positioning and corporate branding in order to be future-proof.

Our work: ALL YOURS established a strategic plan which resulted in a new positioning segmentation approach and corporate identity. We empowered the brand by clustering the different branches and identities under one name, ‘Familiehulp’, and created a specific marketing mix per segment to enable smooth cross- and upselling of services. The new identity was expressed through a new logo, tagline and look & feel. Brand guidelines were drawn up for local and corporate use to ensure the roll-out of the corporate identity. The first communication tools (billboards, social media, events and POS) were implemented by ALL YOURS.

Result: The development of the new branding resulted in a reinforcement of the brand to prospects, employees, customers and the general public. Familiehulp is now known as an innovator in the care market.