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Context: WPZ is the biggest social housing company in the area surrounding Halle. It is also one of the oldest and will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2020. To prepare for this festive event, WPZ asked AY to partner it and provide all of its communication needs.

Our work: We began by analysing the current positioning of WPZ. We found that the brand was considered as old-fashioned, so we proposed visual rebranding. Concentrating on the most important internal positioning, we advised WPZ to move away from the more classical real-estate kind of look. This resulted in a new logo with the focus on being a point of contact or providing a dependable tipping point in the lives of the people the company tries to help. This re-branding of WPZ is the first step in the more broad-based campaign that celebrates the centenary of the organisation, as well as emphasising WPZ’s future vision of social housing.

Result: The re-branding exercise was well received by WPZ. In fact the company was so enthusiastic about it that it decided to invest in more re-branding, resulting in a more extensive rollout of the new brand.

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