STAD HALLE | mascot

Context: For many years, AY has been developing material for publicising the town of Halle. In 2019, the town began a campaign focusing on children. For this new approach, AY was asked to provide advice and, based on this, we created new material.

Our work: AY recommended the creation of a mascot that could operate as the focal point of all communication material. We based our creative on the town’s existing logo, using the same basic shapes and colours. In a subsequent stage, we developed further derivations featuring special messages, such as the 4 seasons, specific activities or more general ideas, such as inclusion.

Result: The illustrations are highly appreciated by the youngsters in Halle. They have even given the mascot created by AY a nickname: Basiel. The town council recently decided to extend the use of the mascot to include outdoor signage.

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