Andy De Brouwer | Meuzenne

Context: Andy De Brouwer is famous sommelier in Belgium. He works as a TV Njam! Chef focusing, of course, mainly on… wine. He is also owner of the acclaimed restaurant, “Les Eleveurs”, in Halle. And in 2018, Andy introduced a new drink, which resulted from many years of research. This unique drink needed a name positing a visual identity.

Our work: The new drink is a combination of white wine and beer, which it also needed a name to describe the category … but which one? It had to be genuinely commercial and AY came up with the name ‘Meuzenne’, linking the two rivers required to provide the basic ingredients. Meuzenne was visualised by showing the two rivers as a graphic element of the label design.

Result: The first, limited batch of the new beverage was a great success and sold out in under 2 weeks. Needless to say, Andy is delighted with the results!

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