Groupe SEB | Moulinex, Tefal and WMF

Context: Groupe SEB is a large French consortium that produces small appliances. For the SEB Group, ALL YOURS was asked to design the promotional campaigns for Tefal and Moulinex with a focus on retail in-store activation and the yearly catalogue of the WMF Group.

Our work: ALL YOURS designed two campaigns, one for Tefal and a second one for Moulinex. We proposed to focus on two advertising moments: Mother’s Day and the football World Cup to highlight the special offers and products. As there was no online advertising space, we focused on bus stop communication to attract people to the retailers. In supermarkets, we built various stands to display the products and special offers. We used different kinds of POS material to guide consumers towards the stands.

Result: The Moulinex Mother’s Day campaign resulted in a bigger market share value for Moulinex. They increased more than 4%. Also, the sales value increased with 75%. The Tefal Red Devils campaign resulted also in more market share value and sales value, but in a smaller way they the Moulinex campaign.

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