Red Cross Flanders | Plasma campaign

Context: Red Cross Flanders is constantly looking for new plasma donors. This campaign is intended to help people better understand what plasma is and why it is so vitally important. But above all, we wanted to encourage people to become plasma donors. You can give plasma at any of the 11 donor centres in Flanders. The main goal of this campaign was to recruit 2400 new plasma donors over a period of 3 months from the launch of the campaign. Focus Target Group: 20-40 y.o.

Our work: A lot of people still don’t know what plasma is and how it can help people with serious diseases and injuries. To make them aware of this lack of awareness, we created a humorous video featuring Maaike Cafmeyer & Guga Baul: 2 old friends meet in a supermarket after they haven't seen each other for a long time ... One jokes to the other about still being alive. The other says that she was almost gone from this world. That she needed blood and plasma after a major accident. As you can see in the video, it was a bit of an awkward situation… The call to action that follows is: Give plasma at one of our donor centres. We recorded and created different radio and video spots with Maaike & Guga, speaking in typical Flemish accents. We also created an influencer campaign in which the main focus is on micro-influencers, but also with a couple of well-known figures such as Erika Van Tielen and Lynn Van Royen.

Result: During the campaign period = In the first month, we registered 1057 new plasma donors.

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