CME | together we create the puzzle

Context: The Human Heredity Centre (HHC) provides information about inherited medical features to individuals and families confronted by congenital disorders. These services are provided both in the HHC itself, as well as via multidisciplinary collaboration inside and outside UZ Leuven University Hospital; with regard both to the consultation and the psychosocial and remedial education approach.

Our work: As part of the project that focuses on the 22q11 syndrome and the exceptional kids fund, AY developed a package for Professor Ann Swinnen to provide guidance for families dealing with this syndrome. This package is based on existing tools that Professor Swinnen was already using. AY provided the package with a strong visual identity by working with matching illustrations to create a table puzzle, complete with an accompanying workbook for the whole family.

Result: Better understanding and acceptance in the guidance of patients and their family. The project will also be extended in the future to other congenital defects and is proposed within a broader medical context as a best practice case.

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