Red Cross Flanders | Wereldbloeddonordag/zomercampagne

Context: In the summer, many people go away on holiday. Unfortunately this means there are fewer donations over the summer period. This campaign is designed to ensure that sufficient people give blood and plasma over the summer and in doing so become one of our summer heroes. The campaign runs from 14 to 30 June and aims to recruit 500 new blood donors and 250 new plasma donors over the summer.

Our work: We created a 30-second online video spot. In addition, we also created a funky, soulful cover of the song ‘Ik, jij, hij of zij" by Clouseau. This soundtrack is heard not only in the video spot, but also in the 10-second and 20-second radio spots. This summer spot is broadcast on Radio 2, Studio Brussels and Nostalgie. We also produced beer mats and have added visibility in the streets on many trucks, featuring a recognisable campaign image. The blood collection vehicles of Red Cross Flanders have also been given a sunny vibe that will linger all summer long and will undoubtedly become an eye-catcher on the road and with the mobile blood collections. To make additional promotions for mobile collections this summer, there are personalised posters and flyers, as well as digital promotional material for various departments .

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